"Amye Leong was first told she had arthritis at the early age of 18. She is now an international spokesperson for the United Nations health initiative called the Bone and Joint Decade. She has a great message that will motivate you to learn how to cope with your own arthritis or chronic disease."
Carolyn H., columnist, KTVB, Idaho's #1 news site

"Empathy instead of sympathy. A brave woman."
"Wonderful, motivating, dynamic, empowering, spoke to us not down to us."
"The Best!"
"Great experience working in the small groups together."
"Amye was very motivating — great model — gave us good tools and am eager to get out to use them."
"Very motivational talk. Amye was excellent & inspirational. This was an excellent presentation!! I enjoyed it a lot!!"
"Amye was not only educational but also inspirational which made me care even more about advocacy. We should schedule longer seminars with Amye even if we have to do a 2-3 day training just with her."
Various attendees from Leaders Against Pain (LAP) training

"Amye is amazing! Wonderfully inspiring. She really gets to the heart. I was shocked that arthritis could come on so fast and so strong. As you know I've been diagnosed with it, but this made me realize how mild my case really is…luckily. It was especially interesting to hear her experience with the different things she's tried (medication, surgery, etc.). Based on her statements, when it comes time that I have to take stronger medication, I will definitely push my doctor to give me options. I've read a lot of material on all of the leading drugs, but didn't know the disadvantages of biologics or their pronounced effects. She's certainly a great spokeswoman for access to treatment. A great woman! Thanks for bringing her in."
Cathy P., Sales & Marketing, Pharmaceutical company

"I would like to express how moved I was by Amye and her aggressive approach in dealing with her disease. She is so inspiring and has such a positive attitude that I walked away from the meeting actually feeling good about myself, and even though I have Lyme disease it doesn't even come close to what she has endured for so many years. Thank you for bringing her into our lives I will never forget her incredible story."
Dorothy N., Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical company

"Great motivational speaker!
Amye was fantastic! Great presentation with video and speaking. Very knowledgeable, entertaining and positive! She has a passion — willing to fight, pursue a cause and a success story. Great positive role model for all of us!"
Dan C., parent and community leader, national juvenile arthritis conference

"Amye was an extremely motivating. She obviously understands the phases of chronic disease and pain. I was left with a determination to become more active as an advocate for arthritis remedies."

"Amye was great. All the personal stuff makes it much more true to life than reading about it in a book. We love chocolate! She is/was truly enjoyable! It wonderful that she can now travel everywhere and speak to others and give hope and laughter."
"What an inspirational speaker! Amye's experience can be applied to many facets in our life, even if you have no health problems."
"More 'rah rah you can do it' stuff that I've heard a million times. Amye was personally quite impressive however!"
Various attendees from national chronic disease summits

"Amye, I've heard you speak a half a dozen times and each time I am more moved, inspired and realize I need to be a little less selfish and a lot more appreciative of what I have been given in life. It is clearly obvious that there are many people, and will continue to be many people, lucky enough to have the opportunity to hear you speak and make an impact on
their lives as you have done to many people here at Q today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Carla S., Account Supervisor, Euro RSCG Life Questar, New York